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Reece - 'Just by following one small section of Darren's teachings I have managed to take a huge step in overcoming my biggest challenges in playing jazz! I'm greatly looking forward to seeing my progress.'

Mike -I am now understanding the different elements needed to create a jazz solo, what's more, I know how to practice them to make great progress!

Ben -'I love Darren's logical step by step teaching. I now understand how to scaffold my learning to reach the next step.'

Paul - 'Darren starts from the ground up - laying a solid foundation of Jazz vocabulary that translates well to many instruments, not just trumpet. He is a patient and clear teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share.'

Allyn - 'Darren Lloyd holds the keys to the door that is your playing progression inside the world of jazz improvisation.
When you study with Darren, you will have all the tools to take your jazz improvisation to new levels.​'

David - 'I've made some amazing progress in the year or so that I've been learning with Darren. By way of an example, before I encountered Darren's materials I had a lot of trouble remembering chords. After a year of studying Darren's materials, my knowledge level has improved to the point where I can now improvise solos using authentic jazz vocabulary on even unfamiliar tunes just by looking at a chord chart.'

Tim - 'I’m a university professor and educator going on a career of 30 years. With that background, I can confidently say Darren is a teacher par excellence. He challenges you, he shows you how to do it, he praises you, he shares his incredible content, and he gives you constructive feedback. On top of that, he is just one heck of a nice guy. I am truly fortunate to be studying with him. I can honestly say my improvisation is getting more and more authentic-sounding each week!'

Rob - 'I have made more progress in the past 6 months than the previous 20 years after working with Darren and applying his system to develop chord and jazz vocabulary knowledge.'

Stany - 'Darren’s approach to improvisation has provided me with a clear path on how and what to practice to become a better improviser."

John - 'I've played trumpet for 60 years, including some intuitive improv in Dixieland jams. When I decided to finally learn to improvise for real, I signed up for lessons with Darren Lloyd. Darren has demystified jazz and improvisation, replacing the blur with recognising chord changes and playing a handful of jazz phrases (he calls them "vocabulary") . I have a ways to go for sure, but his slow and steady approach feels encouraging to a 68-year-old guy.

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